About the company

The company Kezdura was founded in 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey, by a family-owned business specialized in car rental services. Driven by our passion to meet the diverse needs of travelers, we have evolved to become a comprehensive solution offering a wide range of services. Kezdura is committed to simplifying travel and providing seamless experiences for travelers around the world visiting Turkey.

Our mission

At Kezdura, our mission is to redefine the travel experience by seamlessly integrating the best services and resources in one place. We aim to empower travelers to explore new destinations with ease, providing them with unforgettable experiences, exceptional customer service, and unparalleled comfort throughout every part of their journey.

Our vision

We aspire to become the preferred destination for travelers, as we are committed to simplifying the journey. Our goal is to empower travelers to organize their trips effortlessly and ensure that every experience is not only seamless but also remarkable and unforgettable. We aim to leave indelible memories engraved in their hearts and minds. Through our continuous focus on innovation and excellence, we aim to elevate travel beyond exploration and transform each journey into a unique and unforgettable adventure.

What our customers say

"I swear by Almighty God, a company at the highest level of ethics, respect, and appreciation. They deserve fifty thousand stars, especially Mr. Ahmed. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Abdulaziz Alkhairallah

A client in Istanbul

"Excellent car rental service, airport reception, and drop-off. Outstanding management that exceeds needs and expectations. Unparalleled services."

Youssef Abu Bshait

A client in Istanbul

"I thank all the employees of the company, especially Mr. Abu Bilal and Mr. Bilal, for their excellent service. The best airport reception and drop-off services, and one of the best car rental companies in Istanbul. I highly recommend them."

"Mamdouh Khayyat"

A client in Istanbul